Let us focus on raising our awareness, frequency and level of vibration for the purpose of uniting our minds to a common denominator. 

At this time in our life, we are in the midst of a great shift in consciousness. Folks are waking up to a new knowing.  New mindsets are dividing families and friends, and no one can consciously understand what is actually happening in the midst of the chaos and confusion around us, and politically we are divided more than ever.

Many folks are compelled to search in spiritual circles. Between my psychic friends, the channeling of Kryon, Abraham, David Ike, Greg Braden and many others, they all say the same thing …The concept of shifting our vibration from the 3rd dimension to the 5th; All  with free choice fascinates me. 

A new understanding of ancient or alien benevolent civilizations, such as the Lemurians and Pliaedians, and two many others that are watching us, supporting us and coming to our assistance at this critical time of change is quite mind boggling. So, here is a forum where we can discuss all this, enrich our souls, share our knowledge, learn, explore, and make a difference.  

Knowing that when we are united in like mind, we can move mountains, we can change reality. With our focused intention and with our affirmations, we are powerful beings that can create the way to a more prosperous future on many levels. we can bring light where there is darkness, and in the process even discover that we have more talents and gifts that we couldn’t imagine.

How can we raise consciousness

as a unified group?

By supporting and empowering each each other, by contributing our essence of who we are, we can bring in light, so that we can transcend the current reality and make a difference in shaping our world to a loving planet paradise. United, we can find a topic in common and apply vibrational energy, intention and affirmations we can shift and raise consciousness that radiates throughout the universe and thus begin to create a new paradigm in our lives and in the planet.   

Our onsite meetings are by invitation only. But we welcome you to participate by purchasing the taped meetings. We are also always looking for interesting speakers who can expand our awareness! Feel free to contact me and tell me what you would like to share with our group.


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with Dr. Nathalie Campeau

4 videos 10/26/19

We live in a divided world where different groups not only espouse different values, we don’t even seem to agree on what is true, what really happened, what is real and what is “fake news”.

This situation forces us to examine the nature of reality. Do we live in the same reality? Are we, at this time, experiencing a split in the very fiber of realty? Do we even live in the same reality?

A conversation based on this question would haveq been unimaginable 20 years ago. The gift in this raise of “fake news” is that it forces us to ask the question: do we share the same reality? Do they see what I see?


“Evolution” what does it mean, what is our role collectively and individually. 


We are living in the most magnificent changing times as never before where we are witnessing big shifts taking place now in our lives.  

  • This meeting will be a group discussion where every participant is invited to share their views on where we are presently experiencing changes. 

  • What gifts do we have that can assist in this global need, and how our gifts are being utilized for the greater good of all at present. 

  • Tools available will be presented to help those who are unsure of their gifts to help them find out what they are, as this world needs you too.   


with Darlis Mayes

4 videos 9/28/2019


“The Medicine of the Future” and “The Future of Medicine”. 


* Are you curious to foresee what Medicine and Health Care will look like in a few years?

* What are the new tends and game changers?

* What will be the role of Artificial Intelligence?

* What are the new tools and technologies?

This presentation will give you a sneak preview of the new trends and the big changes that are lurking right around the corner.

A discussion will follow with your questions and opinions on the consequences of these imminent changes.

Medicine of the future

& the Future of Medicine

with Dr. Nathalie Campeau

4 videos 8/17/19


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