What is K3D?

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What is the healing art of K3D Therapy?

Named after its creator, K3D, Kalef 3-Dimensional Therapy, is a Decongestive, Detoxifying and Deep Therapy specializing on removing chronic inflammation. It addresses the body in three dimensions simultaneously (anterior, lateral and posterior). It blends manual lymphatic drainage techniques and myofascial release, using the breath as the catalyst. The K3D therapy shows how pain is formed in the body and focuses on providing a new perspective and philosophy on the release of pain.

What are the benefits?

K3D's Decongestive Detoxifying and Deep therapy focuses on the removal of chronic inflammation from the body.


Inflammation is caused by some sort of dysfunction, trauma, misuse, abuse, medications and illnesses. When inflammation becomes chronic it thickens up creating internal congestion, accumulating toxicity, forming blockages, all preventing the flow of nutrients and chemicals that provide homeostasis. The pressure accumulated by chronic inflammation creates pain and discomfort. 


The main purpose of this therapy is to brake these blockages, dissolve congestion, move  and remove toxicity from the body via the lymphatic system, thus relieving pain, helping and strengthening the immune system for better health. 


This form of massage has been proven to be highly effective in providing healing to chronic pain due muscular overuse  misuse, (Example: chronic neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain and the extremities.) It removes stagnant fluids, blockages in circulation, release of tight muscles, removal of accumulated toxins and congestion in certain areas of the body; release of trigger points and other soft tissue dysfunctions that are caused by reactions to medication, trauma; illnesses such as cancer, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, sciatica, and any other conditions that often are a major factor that produce inflammation, pain and discomfort.



  • Pain management through the removal of chronic inflammation

  • Relief of muscle tension, pain and stiffness

  • Increased flexibility and range of motion

  • Relaxation and stress reduction

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Reduction in edema and post-traumatic swellings

  • Removal of lymphedema while reducing inches as side-effect

  • Clears sinuses, and head congestion

  • Detoxification and prevention of illness

K3D Certification Program  
K3D Therapy Certification 
18 CEU for LMT Professionals

Workshops for 2021  



DAY 1 - Monday, March 22, 2021  

Registration at 8am class starts  9am to 6pm 

DAY 2 - Tuesday March 23, 2021 

from 9 am to 6pm 



DAY 1  - Monday , June 21, 2021

Registration at 8am class starts 9am to 6pm

DAY 2 - Tuesday, June 22, 2021

From 9am to 6pm



DAY 1 - Saturday, September 25, 2021

Registration at 8am class starts 9am to 6pm

DAY 2 - Sunday, September 26, 2021 

From 9am to 6pm

PRICE: $450   

Maximum capacity per class is 8 students. One-hour lunch and a.m/p.m. breaks.

LOCATION: Lake Worth, FL               



CE Broker Provider 50-11686  Florida State 

NCBTMB Approved Provider 451611-11

 (National Certification Board for Therapeutic  Massage and Bodywork).

INSTRUCTOR: Shelly Kalef LMT, NCTMB, License #MA-56019 

Creator of the K3D Therapy



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The K3D 18 CEU Workshop on the Connection of Spirit, Mind, Body decongestive therapy

K3D- (The Kalef 3-Dimensional Therapy) is a De-congestive, Detoxifying and Deep Therapy specializing on removing chronic inflammation. K3D was created and developed by Shelly Kalef LMT by blending MLD (a superficial massage) and myofascial release (a deep massage), using the breath as the catalyst. It also addresses the body in three dimensions simultaneously (anterior, lateral and posterior).


The K3D therapy shows how pain is formed in the body and focuses on providing a new perspective and philosophy on the release of pain. The K3D therapy is also quite effective in releasing tight muscles, dissolving trigger points, and reducing inches as a side effect. It is also beneficial in removing lymphedema, treating fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, sciatica, and resolving all sorts of chronic inflammation, thus experiencing relief from discomfort.



This is a new and refreshing approach to Lymphatic Decongestive therapy. 

It provides all your hands on live class credits needed for this new cycle, the presentation and topic is quite interesting and enlightening, and the therapy it provides is priceless.

This 18-hour workshop focuses on the K3D Therapy technique covering:

PART ONE: upper body

PART TWO: lower body

PART THREE: learn the connection of spirit, mind, and body application with full body hands on review practice.


This massage is demonstrated as a side lying therapy, but the fundamental format can be applied to supine and prone as well. The class addresses proper draping for a side lying massage; the art of palpation; and rhythmic coordination of breath and technique applied in removing superficial and deep blockages and congestion via the lymphatic system.


Students will have a better understanding of the connection between the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems; how they are interconnected just as hypertonicity, chronic inflammation/ congestion and pain interact and affect one other. They will learn the purpose for the use of the breath and compression as main tools in removing chronic inflammation. PART 3 - The students will learn and understand in concrete terms, the energetic connection of spirit, mind, and body; the function of the breath, the attributes of water and how fluids in our body are affected; the manifestation of illness and disfunction followed by hands-on removal of toxicity and release of pain as presented above, plus a full body therapy review.

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