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About Me

Mine would be an accidental life, however, I have learned there are no accidents.



I graduated from the Fashion Industry of Technology with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. I became one for 25 years. Then I began to manufacture ladies lingerie. I had become an entrepreneur. IT wasn't toward the end of that career that I discovered my desire to be more of service. 



A neighbor had a mastectomy and she had become depressed and refused to leave her house. She didn't want to be seen in public with one breast. I designed a mastectomy bra and learned more about what cancer survivors go through. 


But around that time, I went through a  divorce and shut down my company. I was ready to recreate myself, but being middle-aged I didn't know what I wanted to do. A mentor friend at the time told me, "We are all born with gifts from God. He gives these gifts so we can use them in life.. What are your gifts?


The answer was easy. I had gifted hands. Because of my fashion career, my hands did whatever my brain told it to do with precision. My mind visualize and my hands execute it.


My friend said, then maybe you can touch people and make them feel good. I graduated massage school in 2.5 years in 2005 and haven't looked back.


It's amazing how you can feel lost and miserable when you don't know what to do. My fashion career was a chapter that had ended but served as important training for what i consider to be the most important work I have ever done. 


These accidental incidents is what I call the flow of life. They happen when we least expect it. But if we understand the synchronicities we can better follow the purpose of our life.


By paying attention to the cues and acting upon them, I ended up developing my own massage technique which i now train other licensed massage therapist.

Another fortunate accident happened when I picked an essay topic out of a raffle jar. The topic was manual lymphatic massage.


Now I specialize in manual lymphatic massage and created my own modality because I wanted my clients to get the best results.


The K3D became a version of the traditional lymphatic drainage. It's similar to the Vodder protocol but it follows the principals of lymp drainage and I added a new twist to it. My version  incorporates the breath - the breath opens up valves of the lymphatic systems and the veins bring out the toxins. 


I train other license massage therapist this system, give treatments for those suffering from extreme inflammation and lymphedema and host a raising consciousness group too. I'm at a point in my life where I feel fulfilled.


I came to understanding when focus mind with intention there is nothing in this world you can not do! Nothing is by chance. You have to open to receive information. When an idea comes, you  have to have the courage to explore and act on it. Then that gift we receive, we have to share it. We are meant to share our gift and our knowledge.

  • LMT

  • LICENSE NO : MA56019

  • CEBroker PROVIDER STATE OF FL:  50-11686


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Start each day with a grateful heart.